2018 USPS Proposed Price Increases for Commercial Base Rates

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Well, it’s that time again; USPS has released its proposed rate increases for 2018.  Most of the news we’ve been seeing includes specific examples of retail rate increases which are relatively lightweight at 3.9% on average for Priority Mail.

Commercial rates are slated to be 6% on average which doesn’t sound all that bad.  But, keep in mind that “on average” doesn’t mean the increases are uniform.  Since we couldn’t find any articles with specific examples of the commercial rate increases, we dug up the source document with those rates and found some much larger rate increases on many popular shipping options.

These figures show the proposed rates and calculate the increase from the current rates. 

Commercial Base discounted pricing is used throughout.


USPS 2018 Regional Rate Proposed Increases

Regional Rate Summary:

Regional A 

0 to +65¢ (+41¢ avg.)

Regional B

-30¢ to +62¢ (+31¢ avg. )

An interesting thing to note here, for several zones the Regional B rate was actually reduced.


USPS First Class Package 2018 Proposed Rate Increase



So, as  you can see, the average rate hikes may be somewhat low.  However, certain popular options like 15.999 oz First Class Package (15% increase), or Priority Padded Flat Rate Envelope (8% increase), are fairly steep.


If approved, these changes will go into effect on January 21, 2018.


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  1. Scott Young

    Will there be in increase on service or ability to properly handle items? With there be an increase in the ease of filing claims for the multitude of busted/damaged items delivered? With there be an increase of customer service associates at the post office handling the lines? Will the wait times be decreased? What are they doing to IMPROVE and justify the increases?

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